Gold Quadrat – The Company

With Gold Quadrat you have a good laugh ...

Gold Quadrat GmbH is a dental company operating throughout Germany for high-quality products and services in the field of prosthetics. The company was founded in 2005 and has its modern headquarters in Hanover. Today, 25 well-trained employees and medical product consultants work for Gold Quadrat. They inform, advise, support, serve customers and sell products as well as services to commercial dental and practice laboratories. The portfolio includes digital dental technologies and first-class products for analogue dental technology.

Gold Quadrat: Alloy, Ceramic, Zirconia, Smile-Line and much more

Whether alloy, ceramics, zirconium oxide or products related to aesthetic dental technology (e.g. from Smile Line) - Gold Quadrat serves dental technicians in the laboratory and practice with high-quality products from all laboratory areas. It is thanks to the consistent company philosophy of the two managing directors, Rüdiger Bach and Wilhelm Mühlenberg, that Gold Quadrat has firmly established itself in the German dental market. "Only those who are willing to change remain true to themselves." - the managing directors are constantly questioning themselves and adapting the company to market conditions without abandoning their proven philosophy. Gold Quadrat is known as a reliable partner whose thoughts are close to the customer and whose plans are often one step ahead of the times. Thus, the company has successfully established itself in the market and is considered a specialist in many areas.

Gold Quadrat: Products and Services

The focus is on contemporary dental technology from a symbiosis of digital technologies (e.g. 3D printing) and craftsmanship. Dental technicians are actively supported in their daily work with materials (e.g. alloys), products (e.g. ceramics, zirconium oxide, Smile-Line), services (e.g. scrap gold), service and support. From hands-on workshops to congresses to educational trips - the company has been successfully organising educational events and meetings for almost 15 years under the slogan "With us you have a good laugh". The company slogan stands for open transparency and for the credo of doing everything to accompany customers emotionally with good products at the same time.

Gold Quadrat: Cooperation and Networks

Gold Quadrat demonstrates a keen sense for the dental market with intelligently chosen cooperations. The company has been active on the market with CAD/CAM systems and milling materials from the very beginning. Since 2007, Gold Quadrat has been a reliable sales partner for Kuraray Noritake (for ceramics, zirconium oxide, etc.) in the German dental market. In 2009, the cooperation with the Swiss company Smile Line was sealed. Currently, Gold Quadrat is one of the few suppliers for CAD/CAM-supported milling of gold alloys. In 2017, the first 3D dental printers from Formlabs were marketed at IDS. Today, the Hanover-based company is considered a premium partner for Formlabs printers and the corresponding materials in the German dental market. In keeping with the tradition of the company's founders, Gold Quadrat accompanies modern dental technology with high-quality products, sophisticated services and personal support - geared to the future with a digital spirit and proven products.
Geschäftsleitung (Wilhelm Mühlenberg und Rüdiger Bach)

We offer the following services:

CAD/CAM systems
Gold Quadrat offers a strong network in digitisation. This network is based on the technological advantage in the area of scanners: on the one hand, Exocad-based and highly precise by means of strip light technology; on the other hand, perfectly integrated into the daily laboratory and practice routine thanks to the laboratory and intraoral scanners of the market leader 3Shape. Compact milling and grinding machines of the Quattro Mill series are available as an ideal complement. These systems are intelligently controlled by the new GQ CAM software. The CAD CAM product portfolio is completed with the Inhouse5X wet and dry milling machine from Zfx.
CAD/CAM materials
The range of CAD/CAM materials extends from milling tools to a wide selection of consumables such as the Multi Layer Blanks from KURARAY Noritake - NEM Soft Blanks - Peek Material. Outstanding are the plastic blanks with a guaranteed wearing time of up to 5 years. Gold Quadrat is able to provide almost all millable materials for the CAD CAM area.
Gold alloys in the dental field still have their justification. The clinical experience of more than half a century speaks for itself. As a certified manufacturer for medical products, Gold Quadrat offers concentrated competence and has a contemporary but not overloaded alloy programme. This is equally true for electroplating. Furthermore, Gold Quadrat offers the milling of 4 gold alloys "for all cases" as a service.
Veneering ceramics
Gold Quadrat is the exclusive supplier of veneering ceramics from KURARAY / Noritake. The stain set developed by ZTM Alexander Fink is suitable for painting the Multi Layer materials.
Smile Line
Gold Quadrat has been marketing the products of the Swiss manufacturer Smile Line exclusively in Germany since 2009. In addition to innovative products such as ceramic brushes, mixing plates, etc., the revolutionary Smile Lite in particular attracted attention in the German dental market.
In addition to a large-scale programme of courses and workshops in the field of ceramics, Gold Quadrat regularly organises challenging training courses and events. It is not for nothing that Gold Quadrat's slogan is "With us you can have a good laugh...".
The latest highlight in terms of events was certainly the 10th anniversary of the company in October 2015, which was duly celebrated in Hanover.
Service und Support
In the area of service and support for CAD/CAM systems, the company cooperates with the competence partner Mill & More in Karlsruhe. Mill & More offers service and support for the entire CAD/CAM portfolio, including training. Customers can access knowledge and information 24/7 in the online Wiki area.