Due to the dynamic changes of precious metal prices, it is unfortunately necessary to apply a daily inflation surcharge to our precious metal alloys and gold-bearing electroplating baths. The prices shown in the webshop are still the regular list prices and apply plus the surcharge.
The surcharge for precious metal alloys is now € 5.95 gross (€ 5.00 net) per gram.
The surcharge for fine gold in electroplating baths is today € 5.95 gross (€ 5.00 net) per gram.

For the following alloys we do not charge any surcharge today:

Palladiumgold 52, Palladiumgold 6, Palladiumgold S1, Palladiumgold 16, Palladium N, Universalgold A, Europe 45, Universalgold P, Unigold N

Status: 20 June 2024

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