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GQ Cloud Backup

Digital data is an important asset for any business today. Technical defects, human carelessness, disasters, malware, ransomware: these are all points that endanger digital data and data security in your company. Data loss is extremely annoying and should you not have a backup for such a case, it can be very costly or even impossible to restore the data. Furthermore, the storage of digital data in companies must comply with legal data protection requirements, among other things. Does your infrastructure and backup strategy meet all these requirements?

The solution to this challenge is GQ Cloud Backup. With it, you create a failover strategy that also complies with data protection regulations. With the possibility of data recovery, any hardware failures or the serious effects of a virus attack lose their horror.

What is the GQ Cloud Backup?

The GQ Cloud Backup automatically performs the backup of the complete data of your PCs to external servers in a German data center (DSGVO compliant). Once configured, the online backup running in the background enables encrypted data transfer - without you having to worry about anything.

After the first backup, depending on the settings, all data or only the data changed since the last backup can be transferred. The latter ensures significantly faster subsequent backups.

Your backup is transferred using the industry standard AES-256, which is used by companies and authorities worldwide and is one of the most secure encryption methods. If third parties gain access to your data during transmission, it can neither be read nor used.

In case of loss, you can fall back on these data copies and restore individual files or even complete systems. In this way, you avoid the long-term failure of individual or all systems and, in the worst case, the complete loss of data.

Information on legal requirements in the dental laboratory

Since personal data is also collected and processed in the dental laboratory, it is usually subject to the Federal Data Protection Act. Data protection laws require entrepreneurs to implement technical and organizational measures to protect sensitive data from, for example, manipulation and unavailability. These measures include items such as physical security, encryption during data transmission, protection against third-party access and unauthorized internal access, and data backup.
Dentist and dental laboratory order processing interface

In accordance with Article 28 of the GDPR, a contract processing agreement must be concluded between the dentist and the dental laboratory. It serves to regulate the dental laboratory as a processor with regard to data processing in such a way that data protection accidents with the data are excluded. The laboratory may only use data for the provision of services. However, it must be ensured that misuse of the data and unauthorized access to PCs or the network are secured in accordance with the state of the art.

  • The dental laboratory must be able to demonstrate the technical and organizational protection measures (TOM) taken by means of the data protection manual. This includes aspects such as password protection, data backup and employee awareness.
  • Upon request, the dental laboratory must provide the dentist with the TOMs and even grant the dentist an inspection in this regard
  • After completion of the commissioned processing, the respective data must be returned to the client or deleted. The procedure for this must be described and documented.
  • The dental laboratory must inform the dentist of any data protection violations resulting from its instructions on data processing.

Since 2018, dental practices and dental laboratories may be jointly and severally liable for data protection violations. Affected parties can then contact the dental laboratory directly with claims for damages and, if necessary, obtain drastic fines.

Our backup solutions

Solution 1

GQ Cloud Backup

With GQ Cloud Backup, the data from your PCs is sent to the data center via the Internet in encrypted form.

The backup intervals and the duration of retention (up to 365 days) are configured via the multi-client capable GQ Cloud Backup portal. The portal communicates with the so-called agents, which are installed on all PCs participating in the backup process. You can further specify up to 41 restore points: For example, this can be 30 daily backups per month and 11 monthly backups.

All backup histories are logged. You will receive the log with the backup status at coordinated intervals.

Your data is stored in the data center in encrypted form and provided with change protection. This makes it impossible for third parties to view or change your data.

A clone of your data is transferred to another, physically separate data center via a further, internal connection. If one data center should fail, your connection will automatically be routed to the second one.

If data is lost on one of your PC systems, then the data or even the complete system can be restored from the backup in the short term. There are various options available to you for this purpose (see section "The emergency has occurred. What now?").

Solution 2

GQ Cloud Hybrid Backup

This solution includes the same process and functional scope as the GQ Cloud Backup. In addition, however, a GQ Cloud Satellite is installed on your premises as a further backup point.

Outgoing backup data is first backed up to the satellite. This enables you to additionally keep a copy of your data locally in the company. The advantages are obvious: In the internal network with high data throughput, backup times for large data volumes are shortened and restoring the data can be done considerably faster.

At defined times, the backups on the satellite are compared with the data in the data center to create the additional external backup.

GQ Cloud Hybrid Satellit
1 Service for central administration and monitoring of all backup systems.
2 Backup software that is installed on the source system and transmits the data to be backed up in encrypted form to the
target storage (data center).
3 GQ Cloud Satellite (only included in the GQ Cloud Hybrid Backup solution): Recommended device to implement local on-site data backup. Data backups and restores can be performed autonomously from the data center, thus significantly faster.
4 High-availability storage in the data center that receives the backups and stores them securely.
stored securely.
5 Secondary storage system in another fire compartment that automatically copies the backup from the primary storage system.
storage system.

The emergency has occurred. What now?

The data backup can be realized quickly and automatically, but what about a data restore? With GQ Cloud Backup, several data backup options are available to you as a service and can be implemented according to the circumstances.
  • A backup copy can be restored to the affected PC at your site.
    You can restore your data either directly from the data center or from a local satellite. Upon request, we will also be happy to send you a copy of the backup on a data carrier (optionally also by courier) in a timely manner.
  • We will have your affected PC picked up by express and the restoring will be done by us.
  • If the PC is damaged to such an extent that you decide to purchase a new device from the TERRA series from us, you will receive the new PC with the backup you have selected. If you decide to purchase a new PC from the TERRA series, you will receive the new PC with the backup you selected.

Your advantages with GQ Cloud Backup

Protection against data loss - e.g. in the event of theft, fire or water damage
  • Encrypted communication according to the industry standard AES-256 - between all components
  • DSGVO-compliant - by storing the data in a German data center
  • Change protection - once the backup has been completed, it can no longer be changed
  • backup procedure - fully automated and time-controlled
  • hardware independent platform - data can be restored on other/new PC systems
  • no acquisition costs for hardware - internal NAS, hard disks or servers are not required
  • no acquisition costs for software - the GQ cloud backup packages contain the complete software including future updates
  • internal resources are not required - e.g. for NAS setup or hard disk replacement
  • flexible data growth - the necessary storage space can grow with it
  • transparent pricing model - no hidden costs
  • monthly cancellable - without additional fees

Packages and costs

Two complete solution packages with fixed monthly costs offer you comprehensive services and planning security. You only pay for the amount of data you select to back up and receive the full functionality of the software in return. There are no agents or additional add-ons that need to be purchased. The software is always available in the latest version.

GQ Cloud Backup

  • 500 GB Data volume
  • 5 Server oder 10 Clients
  • weekly status report
  • free software updates
  • Cancellable monthly

€ 109,00/Month

per additional 500 GB data volume
€ 49,00/Month

GQ Cloud Hybrid Backup

  • 500 GB Data volume
  • 5 Server oder 10 Clients
  • weekly status report
  • free software updates
  • Cancellable monthly
  • GQ Cloud Backup Satellit

€ 249,00/Month

per additional 500 GB data volume
€ 49,00/Month

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