exocad Advanced Lab Bundle

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Perpetual license with upgrade contract
The complete software solution for digital dental technology
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Product description
DentalCAD from exocad is the leading dental CAD software (OEM): ideal for beginners, powerful in the hands of experts.

The software convinces with its ease of use and seamless workflows. This maximizes training costs and productivity. Even the most complex cases can be optimized with the reliable and stable software, developed in response to requirements in the dental trade.
The strength of exocad DentalCAD lies in its simple and intuitive operation. The software reflects the analog working environment of a dental technician, which is why even newcomers using the software for the first time find their way around easily.

Even the standard version (Core version) of DentalCAD is an efficient tool for designing various esthetic and functional restorations and dental appliances based on individual patient requirements. Thanks to comprehensive functions and the open tooth and material libraries, excellent results are guaranteed.
exocad DentalCAD can be extended according to individual needs. The diverse add-on modules offer additional functions for extended indications. This modular system offers maximum flexibility, as no more needs to be purchased than is actually required. Thus, one receives the optimal solution for one's own requirements and the respective budget.

The standard version of exocad DentalCAD covers the following indications:
  • anatomical crowns Design beautiful and functional crowns with minimal effort. Numerous high-quality dental libraries are included.
  • anatomical/simple copings Benefit from cutback options inspired by complete anatomy when creating optimal copings.
  • Attachments Use an extensive library, for attachment or subtraction of attachment shapes. 
  • Inlays/Onlays Create beautiful, natural-looking inlay and onlay restorations.
  • Veneers Achieve beautiful results with just a few mouse clicks and inspiration from the dental libraries.
  • Wax-up work Scan, edit, and mill hand-modeled wax-ups or create wax-ups digitally.
  • Bridges Design fully anatomical bridges and frameworks, including inlay, cantilever and Maryland bridges.
  • Telescope crowns Experience maximum flexibility when designing telescope crowns.

Free access to dentalshare
Multidirectional digital data exchange, fast and effective via the exocad software platform: dentalshare covers the entire spectrum of multidirectional digital data exchange between dentists, dental technicians and milling centers.
This enables distributed workflows and effective online data exchange. Data is encrypted using state-of-the-art technology and is fully verified upon receipt.

The Advanced Lab Bundle includes the following add-on modules:
  • Virtual Articulator Simulation of jaw movements.
  • Provisional Module Creation of provisional restorations with eggshell technique on the basis of situ scans
  • TruSmile Module photorealistic display of dental restorations in real time
  • Tooth Library ZRS extensive additional library of beautiful natural teeth
  • Implant Module Design of custom abutments and direct screw-retained restorations
  • Bar Module Advanced design of standard and complex bars
  • DICOM Viewer Visualization of voxel CT data during the design process

Other available add-on modules:
  • Model Creator Production of physical models from digital impression scans
  • Smile Creator In-CAD Smile Design
  • FullDenture Module digital design of complete dentures and single-jaw dentures
  • PartialCAD design of removable partial dentures
  • Bite Splint Module design of bite splints and tabletop structures
  • Jaw Motion Import Import of measurement data from jaw registration systems
  • In-CAD Nesting Positioning of designs in suitable milling blanks

Advantages at a glance
Dental solutions for almost any indication  
DentalCAD supports the creation of various esthetic and functional dental restorations and appliances based on individual anatomies and requirements.
Minimize training costs
DentalCAD is easy to learn and guides you step-by-step through the design process.
Efficient use of existing production equipment

DentalCAD allows integration of hardware and materials of choice.
Numerous features and functions 

DentalCAD allows you to customize each setting and access a wide range of additional tools in expert mode.
Highest flexibility

DentalCAD can be customized in every single step to meet individual requirements as well as workflows, equipment and services.
Processing of unlimited number of cases

DentalCAD does not include any hidden costs or click fees.
Seamless integration with third-party devices

Thanks to its open software architecture, DentalCAD can be used with virtually any 3D scanner, 3D printer or milling system. Open libraries provide access to a wide range of generic blanks or materials from leading manufacturers.
Smooth collaboration with partners

DentalCAD facilitates communication with customers and service providers for predictable results.
Numerous data sources can be combined

Virtually any open data source can be used to process a case: Intraoral and model scans, 3D facial scans, jaw movement data, DICOM data and patient photos.
Trouble-free and fast operation

DentalCAD can process even large amounts of data at top speed, ensuring maximum ease of use and throughput.
Seamless integration of workflows

DentalCAD is compatible with all exocad products and add-on modules.
Extension of the service offer
DentalCAD can be extended by various add-on modules according to the respective needs.
License information
Perpetual license with upgrade contract (perpetual license)
With the perpetual license exocad offers a permanent license that is valid for an unlimited period of time. With the upgrade contract the software is always up to date and licensees benefit regularly from new features. In addition, they can activate add-on modules and have free access to dentalshare. 
The upgrade contract can be terminated at any time without additional costs, thereby reducing ongoing costs. Thus, licensees with the permanent license are always able to work in economically good as well as bad times. The license model thus offers long-term planning security.
  Perpetual license without upgrade contract Perpetual license with upgrade contract Flex license 
For smooth workflow with 3D printers. Designs are transferred directly from DentalCAD to 3D printing software
Upgrade included
New software version incl. new and extended functions, libraries, optimizations and patches
Included in the first year
after activation * 
Access to dentalshare
Multidirectional digital data exchange, fast and effective via the exocad software platform 
Included in the first year
after activation * 
Activation of add-on modules
Extension of the core version by up to 15 modules for maximum flexibility and additional indications (at extra cost)
Included in the first year
after activation*
Replacement of defective dongles
Fast and free replacement of defective dongles
Included in the first year
after activation * 
Deactivation of modules
Deactivation of modules that are no longer needed. Savings on annual upgrade fees
Replacement of lost dongles
Fast and free replacement of lost or stolen dongles 
Permanent license
License without term limit
•  • 
* with non-cancelled upgrade contract      

Note on perpetual licenses: Even though permanent licenses are in principle valid for an unlimited period of time, technical progress in the field of hardware and software may mean that these licenses cannot be used for an unlimited period of time in practice. Since old licenses may not be compatible with new operating system versions or computers, in certain situations an upgrade to a then current exocad software may be necessary for a secure operation. Example: The respective old license only works with operating system versions for which security updates are no longer provided by the operating system manufacturer.
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